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Gas Lead Protector Web

features an embedded microprocessor with a low-battery alert – the unit turns off when battery power is below minimum voltage requirements. BrassCraft® Safety+PLUST™ Portable Gas Leak Detector is powered for approximately 1,000 minutes of operation by two AA batteries. Green, yellow and red lights illuminate to indicate the degree of gas detected: a green light means that the air contains ... Read More »


Wildlife Photos

captures clear digital photos of the wildlife that visits your yard or every bird that visits your bird feeder. The WildlifeCam is a motion-activated camera that automatically takes photos of every animal visitor—even if you aren’t there to see them in person. The high-resolution, eight-megapixel digital photos capture candid moments of wildlife in stunning, full-color detail. The WildlifeCam’s infrared Smart ... Read More »


32 OZ Insect Killer HES

kills and repels more than 100 pests and can be used on lawns, around home perimeters, ornamentals, trees and shrubs with an environmentally safe, non-toxic formula. EcoSMART® Organic™ Insecticide Organic Insect Killer Concentrate for Lawns & Landscapes treats up to 5,000 square feet and is safe around children and pets. For more information, click here. Read More »


scotts naturescape1

keeps its color for one full year. Nature Scapes® Advanced Mulch with Water Smart™ can save up to 30 percent more water than ordinary mulch. A three-inch layer of Scotts Nature Scapes Advanced Color Enhanced Mulch also naturally prevents weeds by blocking growth and access to sunlight. Available in three colors: Sierra Red, Classic Black and Deep Forest Brown. For more information, ... Read More »



have curvier edges to increase aesthetic appeal and a sturdy, secure lock for mail protection. Mailboxes come in a variety of styles, each of which has its own unique features to increase style and functionality. For more information, click here. Read More »


bad air sponge

uses a patented formula comprised of natural ingredients that entrap and neutralize odor-causing molecules. The Bad Air Sponge works by neutralizing odor molecules in the air as well as pulling out and neutralizing odors from porous materials. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use as an odor removal product around pets and children. The Bad Air Sponge lasts anywhere from 30 ... Read More »



is made from 100-percent recycled plastic water bottles. Soft-sided, breathable and modular, Woolly Pockets are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use; felt absorbs water and evenly wicks water down to plants’ roots, while an internal moisture barrier keeps water off walls. The felt-like material of these modular gardening containers easily attaches to wood, concrete, masonry and chain link. Product ... Read More »

Caulk Kit


makes it easy for DIYers or contractors to create a caulk color to match just about any interior or exterior design element. The Create-A-Color Caulk Kit from Red Devil bonds to the paint rather than repelling it like standard caulks. The kit includes a standard caulk mixer; two tubes of specially formulated Create-A-Color Caulk, a syringe for injecting the paint ... Read More »

Multi-Purpose Lighters


feature team logos and school colors. The officially licensed multi-purpose lighters from Scripto® bring forth style to everyday lighting activities and let fans show their team spirit. They are perfect for lighting grills, candles, campfires, and fireplaces and are available in a variety of display options such as floor displays, counter displays, clip strip and open stock. All Scripto® lighters ... Read More »

Bag Clip


features a handy pour spout with lid which allows pouring and resealing from a bag easy and quick. The twixit!™ Seal & Pour Bag Clip is designed to reclose and keep bagged contents fresh for months.  Ideal for bagged coffee, cereal, rice, popcorn, flour, sugar, flax seed, or any food that pours from a bag, this clip works on a plastic ... Read More »

Transfer Cart


safely and easily moves hundreds of pounds of materials in pails, boxes, cartons or more. The all-new ergonomically designed DynoLift Transfer Cart from Red Devil Equipment Company is capable of carrying three five-gallon pails and four four-gallon cartons. The DynoLift can also replace hours of manual labor over the course of a day while virtually eliminating the risk of injury. ... Read More »

Sharpening System


has a stone that enables longer and more consistent sharpening strokes, while the base affords quick and easy grit changes plus stability. As a whole, the system offers the ultimate in two-stage sharpening. The new Double-Sided Dia-Sharp MagnaBase System from DMT Diamond Machining Technology delivers Made in America quality and performance. The system is available in two different grit combinations: ... Read More »

Color-Enhanced Garden Mulch

scotts naturescape1

keeps its color for one full year. Nature Scapes® Advanced Mulch with Water Smart™ can save up to 30 percent more water than ordinary mulch. A three-inch layer of Scotts Nature Scapes Advanced Color Enhanced Mulch also naturally prevents weeds by blocking growth and access to sunlight. Available in three colors: Sierra Red, Classic Black and Deep Forest Brown. For more information, ... Read More »

Drywall Repair Solution


quickly and easily plugs holes to restore 100-percent wall integrity. RK Plasterplug is a wall-repair system that is easy to use and will remain completely flush with the wall. The plug comes in a variety of sizes and Plasterplug Fix compound won’t shrink and can be sanded to a flawless finish. For more information, click here. Read More »

Bird Seed


is a big seller in June and July as people attempt to entice goldfinches to nest in their yards. During nesting season, male goldfinches display vibrant yellow colors that are striking against their black- and white-colored wings. Nyjer® Seed provides high oil content that is especially attractive to goldfinches and other finches. Nesting season for goldfinches is later than other ... Read More »

Roller Gauge System


makes applying floor and roof protective coatings much easier. By attaching these specially designed, polypropylene endcaps to a 3/16-inch nap roller, professionals are able to directly control the mil thickness of the coating being applied. Wooster Roller Gauges can be used with floor or roof coatings such as epoxies, urethanes, anti-skid floor toppings, vapor barriers or metallic finishes. The gauges ... Read More »

Painter’s Tool

17-in-1 painters tool WEB

can scrape paint, spread compound, open cracks, pull nails, set nails, open cans, open bottles, clean regular rollers and clean mini rollers. The 10th and 11th use are the ¾-inch and 11/16-inch wrenches you need to connect your whip hose to your both your spray gun and your main airless hose. For the other six uses, just look to the ... Read More »

Food Packaging Tape

freshtape WEB

is a replacement for plastic bag clips on chips, snacks, cereal bags, salad bags to keep food fresh.100-percent made in the USA, FreshTape® reseals over and over again and comes in several decorative patterns. FreshTape® is FDA compliant and BPA- and phthalate-free for safe use on food packaging. FreshTape® comes in 100-percent recycled paper packaging in a set of 18 tapes which ... Read More »

Self-Adhesive Pads


eliminate the aggravation of frequently replacing felt pads and leg tips that usually wear down or fall off, causing damage to expensive floors. Made with superior high-density wool felt and industrial strength adhesive, Flexi-Felt pads are softer and more compression resistant than similar products, so the felt stays on and lasts at least three times longer than standard felt pads. ... Read More »

Stainless Steel Trashcan


offers retailers significantly reduced shipping costs with a nestable design for fuel-efficient shipping. The stylish SteelMate features a Touch and Toss spring lid that softly opens when pressed and easily locks when closed. Its space-saving rectangular design fits perfectly in any kitchen, and an extra tall lid rim hides the trash bag for a neat and clean look. The 45-liter ... Read More »

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