Global Harvest Foods Acquires Scotts U.S. Wild Bird Food Business

Global Harvest Foods, Ltd., the producer of the Audubon Park brand, announced that it reached an agreement to acquire the U.S. wild bird food business from subsidiaries of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company for an undisclosed sum. This includes the Songbird Selections, Morning Song and Country Pride brands. This acquisition expands Global Harvest’s production capabilities into key market areas that represent ... Read More »

Home Hardware Named to ‘Canada’s Best Managed Companies’ List


Home Hardware Stores Limited was recently named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies for the second year in a row. Having initially received the designation in 2012, the company successfully re-qualified and retained its status for 2013. The designation comes as Home Hardware celebrates its 50th anniversary as a Canadian-owned and Canadian-operated business this year. The Canada’s Best Managed Companies ... Read More »

RETAIL THERAPY: Behind the Storm

hurricane 01

The other day I came across a photo online that gave me a pretty good laugh. The top part of the photo depicted a 50-degree day in California; immediately below it was a photo of a 50-degree day in Minnesota. The Californians were bundled up in hats and heavy parkas shivering while the Minnesotans trucked through piled-up snow in short sleeves. ... Read More »

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS: Statistics Show…Retailers Rely on Research

statistics STOCK

Here are a few quick numbers most everyone is familiar with… Four out of five doctors recommend chewing Trident gum. You only use 10 percent of your brain. Seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. My wife and kids listen to me only about 6 percent of the time. These are statistics most of us can quote ... Read More »

Bring in the Pros: Color Consultants Help Customers Find the Perfect Colors


Just about every home improvement store offer paint assortments. So how can you make yours stand out? One way is by offering the services of an in-store color consultant, who can help overwhelmed customers choose the perfect colors for their homes. In addition, this service brings more traffic into your store and helps make it a paint destination. About three ... Read More »

Ace Celebrates 90th Anniversary


Ace Hardware is celebrating the organization’s 90th anniversary with a national promotional event. Founded in Chicago in 1924 by five independent hardware store owners, Richard Hesse, E. Gunnard Lindquist, Frank Burke, Oscar Fischer and William Stauber, these entrepreneurs made the decision to unite their hardware businesses to increase their collective buying power in the industry. Today Ace Hardware has more ... Read More »

You’ve Got Mail: Try In-Store Mail Services

post office 1

Just like any other retailer, Jeff Tilem receives regular shipments of new inventory for his store. But he also receives packages other store owners may not expect—like a model’s wardrobe shipped from Turkey. Tilem, owner of Pioneer Hardware in Beverly Hills, has a recognizable ZIP code: 90210. He also has a store next to a post office that doesn’t have ... Read More »

Store’s Ad is Made for the Big Screen

scarborough movie trivia ad

A couple of years ago, when the staff at Scarborough Lumber, with five locations in California, searched for new ways to drive traffic to their garden center, they found their solution in a nearby business: the local movie theater. The nearby theater and restaurant was selling space for local ads to be shown in the time leading up to the ... Read More »

A Quick Fix for Merchandising

paint thinners after

Updating endcaps and other displays is a quick and easy way to make your store more visually appealing to your customers. As you can see here, the “before” photo shows plenty of pegboard and empty spaces, and cans aren’t forward-facing. It doesn’t take long to make changes, though. In the “after” photo, the display is neatly organized by color and ... Read More »

Sold! Online Auction Helps Sell Slow-Moving Items


When staff at Picton Home Hardware wanted to get rid of some dead inventory, they turned to social media. A couple of employees thought of the idea of picking five items that hadn’t sold in more than a year and auctioning them off on the store’s Facebook page. Minimum bids started at about half of each product’s regular cost and ... Read More »

Furniture Department Makes Store Feel Like Home

furniture 2

Your customers already shop your store for all their hardware and housewares needs. A natural extension of those categories? Furniture. About three years ago, Ceva Courtemanche, owner of Hensel’s Ace Hardware in Arcata, Calif., added a 900-square-foot furniture department to her store. “I originally brought in some furniture we got from the warehouse through Ace,” she says. “In one week, ... Read More »

A Guide to Good Advice: How to Find the Best Outside Counsel for Your Business

M&D Supply’s board of directors includes Hatcher, Dyson, the company’s current comptroller, a retired business owner and CPA, local business owners and another hardware store owner in a non-competing market.

When Jeff Dyson first purchased M&D Supply, he knew he needed some outside help if he was going to make his business a success. That’s when he began to research the idea of an advisory board. He reached out to four local business owners, all of whom accepted his invitation to join. Later, he invited his stepson Scott Hatcher to ... Read More »

Three Ways to Keep Your Store Active in the Community this Spring


Use the many activities associated with spring and summer to keep your business top-of-mind in the community. Become involved with established local events or partner with other business owners to create your own. An event can bring in a crowd and generate goodwill, and sometimes vendors will foot the bill. You can heavily promote sale items or you can invite ... Read More »

Waterborne Stain


gives beauty and protection to decks, fences, siding, trim, outdoor furniture and all-exterior wood. The waterborne formula covers in one application with excellent water repellency and is formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coating’s surface. Superdeck® protects wood in all seasons in all environments, easily cleans up with water and comes in 100 colors from a ... Read More »

Universal Dimming Switch


supports the latest dimmable LED and CFL technologies, as well as legacy incandescent and halogen bulbs while incorporating the Zensys 4.5.4 Z-Wave library.  The VRMX1 supports a universe of lighting applications including local and remote dimming control for incandescent, dimmable LED and CFL, halogen, magnetic low voltage and electronic low voltage. The highly advanced Vizia RF+ device provides two-way feedback, ... Read More »



MagnaLatch is a rust-free, magnetic self-closing gate latch that can be used with TruClose self-closing hinges to increase the safety of a gate. A patented magnetic latching mechanism ensures no jamming, and it is key lockable for peace of mind. Tested to over 400,000 cycles for unprecedented reliability and safety, the MagnaLatch top pull meets the strictest international pool safety codes. Its quality polymer ... Read More »

Three Trends in E-Commerce

Orgill Distribution

According to David Meany, vice president of e-commerce at Orgill, Inc., there are three major trends that you should embrace when it comes to e-commerce: The most important is the mobility. Consumers expect to find your business on the web, then they expect to see what you have, and they expect to know if it is in stock. They will ... Read More »

Work ‘On’ The Business Rather Than ‘In’ The Business

stock-succession-planning Feature

Most closely held business owners are able to fill up every day working in the business, doing all of the paperwork, helping customers and doing everything necessary to keep the company running. Unfortunately there are still many tasks that do not get touched. Have you ever considered how many days last year you worked “on” the business, and how many ... Read More »

Made in America a Key Trend at Reliable Distributors Management and Marketing Conference

Reliable Distributors 2014 Annual Conference Announced

Reliable Distributors kicked off its 2014 Management and Marketing Conference Thursday in Orlando, Fla., with its annual Member Meeting, where Greg Phillips, President of Harvest Supply, was introduced as Reliable Distributor’s newest member. During the meeting, members were introduced to 23 new vendor programs implemented since the 2013 conference. Members are scheduled to meet with manufacturers representing over 100 brands ... Read More »

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